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For feedback, bug reporting, general chit-chatting, contact us to the right. 

Common Q&A

...Related to Purchases:

"My purchases are locked!" 
If your purchases appear locked, go to Settings inside our app and tap 'Restore Purchases'. This will unlock your previous purchases.

"I got double charged!"
You'll never get double charged. If you tap to pay again, you'll see that it will recognize your previous purchase and ask if you'd like to get it again for free. 

...For our emoji apps:

"My emojis aren't pasting" 
Make sure you go to your iPhone Settings > General > Keyboards and check to see if "full access is on". This needs to be toggled on, or emojis won't paste. 

We don't track any data and we don't nor would we ever have access to your keystrokes. All apps have ability to track data INSIDE the app, so we could see which emojis are getting sent the most, but NOT what you're typing on the keyboard. 

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